Best Halloween Apps for the Ultimate Spooky Weekend Fun!!


Halloween is a time to spend with family and friends. This is a fun time in which spooky is the trend and you need to have everything with you to make it as fun as possible. You might have all the costumes, bought the required candy and got your theme party set, but not having these awesome mobile apps will make you miss out on some ultimate and spooky fun.

Best Halloween Apps for you:

As per the recommendations of a Mobile App Development Company, we have put together some of the best apps that will help in making your Halloween really cool and spookified!!

  • The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself: A wonderful app, particularly for those who love the walking dead. This app features the option of turning your smile into a zombified version that can easily give your friends a spook. Create a collage by making some nice and spooky pics of yourself and dead yourself as you share them on Facebook and Instagram in the middle of the night to spook your friends.
  • Vampify: Another great app for the Android and iOS is the Vampify app. It turns your picture into a 3D version full of animation like dripping blood, snarling and biting sounds and actions. The android version does not have as many options as the iOS version, but the app is pretty cool if you’re wanting to spook your friends by sending them your vampified selfie!!
  • A StoryBots Halloween: The StoryBots are in their Halloween avatar. Create spooky roles for your family members and create animated videos using the StoryBots Halloween app. These videos can be easily shared over the social media and gives immense pleasure and fun as the entire family can be involved.

So, get these super cool apps for your phone and make your Halloween even more interactive and fun with even those friends and family members who live far away. All the apps provide you with the options to share the content you make via the social media and are completely free to do so. So, wait no longer and download these apps from your respective apps stores and enjoy ultimate weekend fun with your near and dear ones. That is why Android app Development Company focuses on such apps.

5 Simple Social Media Techniques to drive more Traffic to your Website


Online networking has developed as a worldwide stage where individuals from everywhere throughout the world associate with one another and offer substance that they like. It helps in associating missing companions furthermore helps individuals in staying in contact with their companions and relatives. With such extraordinary accentuation being laid on the utilization of online networking, it has additionally gotten to be a standout amongst the most unmistakable play area for the brands to showcase their items and administrations and direct people to their site.

Online networking: The User well disposed Marketing Tool

Online networking promoting is about connecting with substance. Individuals offer what they like and along these lines, an advertiser can reach to a substantial group, says a report on online networking showcasing by a surely understood Social Media Optimization Company. Firms have made their pages and groups on the well known online networking channels and they share upgrades about their items/administrations, fascinating articles concerning their specialty, entertaining images and quotes to energize the crowd furthermore associate on an individual level with their clients and potential clients and investigate their issues utilizing the social stage.

5 online networking methods that you ought to know:

With the significance of online networking clear, here we give you the 5 straightforward systems that you can utilize to your site to get more activity on your site.

•Share connecting with substance: As expressed above, substance assumes a critical part in online networking advertising. Simply sharing the connection of your site will never do the trap. You should offer substance which contains some worth for the perusers and when your perusers run over such substance, then they will doubtlessly like and share your substance which will at long last help you in getting more guests to your site. Substance is the absolute most vital element for the accomplishment of your online networking effort, guarantees a report by a Social Media Optimization Company.

•Engage with your adherents: Be it Facebook or Twitter, it is vital to keep the discussion running with your fans or supporters. On the off chance that they tweet to you or about you, generally answer their posts. Additionally, attempt to answer to all messages sent on Facebook and other online networking that you utilize with the goal that individuals can feel associated with your image and offer you some assistance with spreading your image mindfulness. This might sound a dreary assignment, however you can take the assistance from experts for dealing with your social destinations. Different option for Customer Care: Social Media can turn into an awesome distinct option for client care, told a report distributed on online networking patterns by a noticeable SMO administration supplier. Utilize your online networking group as your client care officials and answer the questions and protests of your clients on that stage as it were.

•Social Media reconciliation on site: It is an unquestionable requirement to have online networking offer symbols on your site. It is an unquestionable requirement since individuals who achieve your site and read your substance won’t backtrack and exceptionally share your substance utilizing their profiles. So as to get more shares, you should ensure that the alternative for sharing is accessible on your site as it were.

•Build a Social Network: As a part of the online networking site, you should likewise make your own particular system. Make contacts with different renowned pages on your corner or reach a few news pages that can post about your page and give you scope. This can likewise be a give and take exchange as you can advance different pages as they advance yours and help one another form more gathering of people.

In this manner, by taking after these basic ways, you can undoubtedly utilize online networking to get more movement to your site. In case despite everything you’re having questions, reach the numerous Social media advertising and streamlining organizations and somewhere else and get yourself on the online networking play area to profit.

What should I opt: A Hybrid App or a Native App??


In today’s modern development world with astonishing mobile environment full of hi-tech applications there is one question that continuously arises is whether to build a platform specific application or developing an application using web languages in conjunction with native code.

People are so much dependent on those small screens that they want everything on their hand with just one click that’s why now the focus of development have changed from what’s on the web to the apps on our mobile screens. And the world of mobile technology has also been revolutionised with the introduction of Hybrid applications. These hybrid applications show the next level of advancement. Hybrid application in one line is the integration of web elements and the native SDK which gives cross platform cost effective applications on your finger tips. Whereas the native applications are platform specific and give you a better user experience.Both technologies have their own pros and cons that leave a developer in a situation where he/she can’t decide whether to go with hybrid application or a native application. But with the help of this article i tried to cover some points that are worth consideration.

Cost:-In every scenario, Money always comes first and when it comes to pay for the development of an application it becomes more vital. Everyone wants to pay less for what he wants. Building a native mobile application will definitely cost you more because of the distinct language and tooling ecosystem. On the other part with hybrid technology an application is once developed is submitted to all of the platforms including Windows, IPhone and android. So there is an obvious saving if you are using hybrid technology as your developing tool.

Development Timeline:-If you want your application to be developed with ease and flexibility then you Should opt the hybrid mobile applications. As compared to the native applications Hybrid apps are faster to develop if there are no complex features to merge and you don’t want to have a feel of native environment.

User Experience and Performance:-Native applications without any loss win the war here. They are better in every aspect of performance, responsiveness and User Experience. If it is a matter of clicks Native Apps will redirect you to your desired screen with just one click where hybrid apps require two or more clicks. For seamless scrolling experience native apps are far better than hybrid ones where you’ll find annoying delays and the same delaying frustration occur in the loading of large animations with hybrid apps. So for an application full of navigations and animations go for native app development.

Maintainability:- Due to the easy maintenance of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, it is easier to maintain a hybrid app as compared to the native app. But in the absence of right framework, hybrid app can be the most complex beast to handle.

 Security:- If your requirements for security are more important than anything then develop your application with native environment. Security depends on the experience of your developers so whatever technologies you’ll use make sure you are having skilled developers for that.

Popularity:-Since Hybrid apps are still new to the world and native apps show great user experience having plethora of features many large app development companies prefer to use native app development environment rather than hybrid technology.

The main concern of this whole discussion is not to choose a winner, It Is just to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both the technologies. After exploring so many factors like business needs, app requirements and development timelines, it is totally up to you to pick one between the two.Mobile app development companies focuses on both app. Both apps have different- different advantages.

Apple Watch in India from today: Answering the some questions you wanted to ask

Mobile app Development Company in Australia

Why Apple and not any other Smart Watch? Is it just another Apple Show-off? What are the features? And such kind of many more questions often comes in the mind of a consumer before purchasing an over expensive convenience. So be a smart shopper and explore full of this apple’s newest launch before spending 30,900/- which is its starting price only.

If you are thinking of picking up an apple watch, then I am sure you must be facing some doubts because I also had those but don’t worry here I am making your purchase a little bit easy by highlighting some of its features.

  • What makes this smart watch different from other brands??

If you are thinking that it is just a fashionable toy with the name Apple then I must say stop fooling yourself. Apple watch has a lot more to offer. It is a device that keeps track of all your activities. It reflects all your notifications and messages. And on top of all there is a large ecosystem of apps that makes it different from others.

  • A Smart Phone or A Smart Watch??

I am confidant enough that this question is definitely there in back of your mind that whether I should go for a Smart watch or a Smart phone. Well, dear reader Apple smart Watch is just another extension of your Smart phone. So why are you stopping yourself, just Buy it and get advantage of both the features from a beautifully constructed Watch.

  • Can you make Calls on this watch??

Yes, of course you can do this without putting many efforts. The Apple Smart Watch is equipped with a Bluetooth device that makes it suitable for receiving a call and you can indulge yourself in a conversation without having this watch near to your ear. Isn’t it funny to talk via a watch??

  • What is the use of Crown??

Smart Dial of the Watch and Apple calls it a Crown. The Crown is nothing but a touchscreen that allows you to navigate anywhere you want. A Crown can does almost everything from scrolling through a lot of things to reflecting the changes in the weather throughout a day.

  • Is this Watch Customizable??

There is no doubt in the customizability of this watch. I personally found this watch a right screen for many important things. It allows you to change almost everything from its screen face to notifications. When something important comes up, it gently tap your wrist and lights up when you lift your arm up.

  • Pricing in India

How much it would cost? This is the most obvious question that comes in mind. This watch comes in two sizes with three variants in each. Depending on the size its price differs.

Variants in 38mm size are:-

  1. Apple watch sport :- 30,900 /-
  2. Apple Watch :- 48,900 /-
  3. Apple Watch Edition :- 8,20,00 /-

Variants in 42mm size are:-

  1. Apple Watch Sport :- 34,900 /-
  2. Apple Watch :- 52,900 /-
  3. Apple Watch edition :- 9,90,00 /-

So the price totally depends upon your choice.

With all these features of Apple watch I want to make one thing clear that this is not a replacement of I-phone. Both have their own significance. But if you want to be up to date with technology then don’t give it a second thought and purchase it.

Mobile App development or website development Companies always eager for any update of Apple. This company always gives interesting features with great quality.

Some latest information on DNN

Web Development Company in USADNN or DotNetNuke is an interactive CMS developed for handling websites without using much technical knowledge. The platform allowed suers with limited technical know-how to handle their own websites using graphical interface and a host of features.

The framework is based on Microsoft .NET and developed by the DotNetNuke Corporation. The language used for initial development was VB.NET, but since the launch of Version 6.0, the language has been changed to C#.The framework was initially developed as an open source software and is available to the general public under a community license of the MIT. However, there are enterprise editions of the software which are used for commercial purposes.

Purpose solved by DNN:

Managing the backend of the website is one of the major tasks. While almost all firms use a website, not all of them are well versed with coding and can tweak the content and looks of the site. Thus, a major part of web application development is creating a viable content management system, which can provide the functionality of changing the theme of the site, adding or removing pages and adding new content by the use of third party apps or in-built options.

So, a web development company always makes sure to use the best and the most easy to use CMS for their clients as it makes the task of handling the website easier. In this regard, the CMS built using DNN is quite famous because of the following features of the framework:

  • Management of files using inbuilt features: File management is a big task and the CMS made using the framework has inherent features to immaculately handle and manage all files.
  • C# core: The core of the framework is written in C#. The language has been in use since version 6.0 right to the current stable release of version 7.3.3, released in Oct, 2014.
  • Mobile detection and mobile API: Device detection and API are important, given the increase in the number of mobile users. DNN allows for both and helps in seamless integration of mobile platform without much hassle.
  • Ready for Cloud: The CMS is ready to be used with a cloud network and function properly with it. This functionality makes it very versatile and capable of performing tasks over the network.
  • Security is quite vigorous: The robust features of security makes DNN one of the most secure platform to work with. A Website Development Company has to ensure data and content security and DNN gives them the perfect framework to work with when it comes to content management.
  • Content protection: The content can be protected using passwords and giving various degrees of access to various functionaries of a firm. The admin can ensure what powers are given to which user and maintain a solid decorum.
  • Rich text editor: The text editing options are rich and you can add many formatting effects when you use DNN. The editor is designed using robust mechanism and cater to almost all the formatting needs.
  • CSS 3, JQuery and HTML 5 web tools compatibility: All these tools are compatible with DNN and allow the coders to use them to the best of their advantage while designing the CMS. Also, their integration makes sure that the management of website content and design is easy.

Also, as per the latest version of DNN and information found from DNN Development Company, DNN needs Windows Server 2008 or 2012, the latest SQL Version compatible with either of the two, IIS 7+ and ASP.NET versions 2.0 and higher. Previous versions had compatibility for Windows Server 2005 as well as 2008, but these have been discontinued now.

With so much to offer, DNN forms a great tool for website management and if you’re looking for some effective ways to handle a website, then using DNN for your management system might be a good idea to look at.

Make your presence felt online with mobile app development services

App Development Company in South Africa

E-commerce has grown faster than any other form of business. The e-commerce platform adds something new each and every day and you would be amazed by the pace with which the platform is changing. One such significant change in the e-commerce realm has been the introduction of mobile apps.

It have become one of the hottest services in the current times as most of the businesses have taken to hire mobile app developer in order to make sure that they can reach their customers right in their pockets.

Get the best exposure with mobile apps:

Mobile apps are considered to be a great way to engage with the customers. A person keeps his mobile with himself all the time and if you have an iOS & Android mobile app design for your business, then you can reach out and gain the interest of your potential customers easily.

In order to get your design ready, a mobile app designer company can play a pivotal role and their experts can help you in creating a design that will suit your services and also look good to the users. Moreover, getting an app created by custom mobile app development company make sure that the app is coded and developed using the latest techniques and your app has got all the best features that are in trend today.

Make more money with Android/iOS app:

Another big reason that will make you go to an app design & development company is the fact that mobile apps can be monetized pretty easily and can yield great results. A mobile app can boost your business and you can even sell your stuff using a shopping app. Moreover, targeted advertising on the mobile apps yield heavy commissions and you can also make a lot of money by doing that.

This is one of the primary reasons for so many iPhone App Development Company starting the service of developing apps as they know that people are looking to get cool and well-designed apps made for their services and business.

Contact us for any offshore iPhone application development needs:

We, at Arka Softwares and Outsourcing, strive to make sure that each app developed reaches the target audience and is accepted in the society. We make sure that our clients get the best value of their money and that is why we are becoming one of the most prominent Android app development company in India and abroad.

With over 300 clients spread across the US, UK, UAE, India, Australia and South Africa, we have proved our mettle in almost all the continents of the world and we are growing at a much faster pace than our competitors. We are counted as one of the best android app designing company and our portfolio is a proof of our excellent success in the app domain.

Not only android, we have many clients from the US who demand iPhone solutions and thus, we have iOS experts in our team who can create wonderful iPhone apps and have helped us cement our name as one of the prominent iPhone App designing company in the States.

So, get in touch with us over the phone or email us with your request and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and make sure that all your needs are taken care of in the best possible manner.