Top 10 Reasons to Choose Magento

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Magento

In this infograph user can know “why choose magento for CMS?” here are given the reasons like secure, flexible, easy to use, SEO friendly etc. Magento development service  is working as a CMS helps to all E-commerce business. Today magento is world’s number one CMS plateform  that is widely used in e-commerce websites. Magento development company is  providing the best features to increase the use of magento for CMS.


Apple’s Flat Design OR Google’s Material Design

Google’s material design and Apple’s flat design is all the rage these days. Well, if choosing the best from the 2 design trends is concerned, then it completely depends on designer. Custom Web Designer can choose the best one as per his choice and preference. At ARKA Softwares we are providing both designing solutions, contact us at & visit us at


Stunning Real Estate Portal Design & Development

Real estate market is one of the sectors which are mushrooming with each passing day with numerous people having a dream to buy a lavish property for themselves. This has led to bringing up the feature-rich Real Estate Web Development and design solutions. Programmers, designers, developers, engineers are keeping their eyes glued to the present-day technology for creation of enticing real estate portal which helps both real estate business owners and also the customers around the globe.

Each real estate business owner desires to attract good client base by getting the stunning portal for their real estate startup and this eventually helps them in heightening their sales instantly. Spiffing real estate website design is one of the greatest factors that would help you to boost your business swiftly. ARKA is the praise-worthy Real Estate Website Development Company, having laudable developers and designers, who keep themselves upgraded about the efficacious technologies in real estate portal development.

Unrivalled reasons to plump for our real estate web development services:

  • Our all-embracing web development services are quite affordable and will not make a dent in your pocket.
  • We create smashing real estate web portals which help the users to unleash their experience of buying elegant dream property fast and without any kind of hassle.
  • You can swiftly buy or sell the hot properties through highly secured payment gateway which our developers create for your business.
  • People can check out the enchanting deals in properties by just a click away, sitting anywhere.
  • It gets simple for getting good ratings and reviews of sellers and the agents from efficient sources.
  • Quality oriented property locator feature will help the property buyers for purchasing the dazzling property as per their choice and preferences.
  • Robust admin control platform helps in management of the website efficiently and also in generating of reviews.

Having affluent experience of 7+ years, we have the team of real estate web developers who thoroughly understand the necessity of the clients before project beginning phase and executing each phase with utmost care and diligence in their work. They have prowess in developing high quality web designs and portals which brings mind-boggling traffic and increase the revenues, eventually. As it can be seen that the world is getting completely tech-savvy and real estate sector is leaving no stone unturned to leverage the features of this recent tech trend for creating the buzz regarding their startup for alluring the property buyers. This has led to the development of robust web portal which can work wonders for everyone involved with property sector, like the property agents, builders, customers, and the list is long.

We aim at creating the efficacious online property portal which meets the requirements of the clients and gives them good satisfaction. The online property portal which we create is such that the property agents and property builders find listing of their attractive properties as easy as pie, and launching of flabbergasting properties on the portal gets quite plain sailing for them, as per their comfort and convenience.

If you have recently established your real estate startup then all you need is the state-of-the-art online property web portal for getting good sales and revenues with each passing day. We help you take your business to the next level by developing the same as per your requirement and also at reasonable rates, for which you just don’t need to break your bank. We have a team of real estate web developers who are well versed with the developing of web portal which is backed with flabbergasting features that will help you to lure your customers effectively. Our laudable teams of developers begin with the project after understanding your demands completely.

Summing up:

So, if you have also started with the real estate business and desire to make it reach new heights, then you can contact us and our team will assist you further from soup to nuts in your whole project by developing the same efficiently. We are also the eminent Real Estate App Development Company which will help your customer to put forth their queries right from their stylish and trendy mobile handset. This will help your business to gain the desired success much faster.

Comparison between AngularJS and ReactJS

Angular JS and React JS are the leading technologies which have been developed recently and are meant for the purpose of making the web and mobile app development plain sailing work. This also helps developers for simplifying the task of web development and creating user-friendly and feature rich websites for the expanding of business. Contact us for getting the website developed in ReactJS & AngularJS Development.

Comparison between AngularJS & ReactJS

App Development Cycle

In this infograph one can know the process of creating an app from start to finish. Top mobile app development companies are using this app development cycle and delivering best mobile app to their client. Mobile App Development is very time consuming process so one should follow below app development cycle to create an innovative & result driven mobile app.

App Development Cycle