The digital market is the hottest marketplace in the world. It is expected to touch the $6.7 trillion mark by the end of 2020 as per the reports by Forbes. With so much at stake in the digital world, almost all the leading businesses are going online to find their customers and sell their products and services.

Blogs, websites and e-commerce platforms are the media through which a firm can reach the potential customers. Therefore, having a well-defined and completely updated website is one of the utmost requirements for surviving on the digital platform. We, at ARKA Softwares, provide the most comprehensive web development and mobile app development and design services throughout the globe. However, you must be thinking that why should you go for ARKA when there are so many others out there? Well, let us show you what we do and give you enough reasons to choose ARKA when you need to hire web developer in USA.

Design and Develop: The ARKA Philosophy

ARKA Softwares is an IT Services firm based in India. The firm has been established a few years ago and has already captured a lot of market potential in the domain of web designing and development.

The web and app based services provided by us in the Texas region are the best in the area and we have served many clients from the US to prove our mettle and show that with us, you always mean business.

In just a few years, we have become one of the prominent names when it comes to web development services in USA Our track record of successful projects clearly demonstrate our expertise in the realm of web design and development and the feedback given to us by our happy and satisfied customers speak for themselves as we make our name as one of the best Web Development Company in USA in the current times.

Services provided by ARKA in the US:

We wish to be truly global and that is not possible without gaining grounds in America. Being one of the biggest markets of web development services, Americans are in dire need to hire developers, designers and programmers. If you’re looking to hire application developer in USA then going for ARKA is one of the best choices that you have.

Some of the services that we offer in the US are listed below:

  • Open Source Development: Open Source Development is a great way to enhance the quality of software or a website. By using open source, we bring a host of opportunities and allow innumerable mods in the software post development. Our expertise with Open Source has allowed us to gain the title of most rapidly growing Open Source Development Company in USA and our work has been praised by the best in the business.
  • Mobile App Development: The digital world is not just confined to the desktops and laptops. With Smartphones, you can access any type of data from your mobile devices and this has made the business of Mobile Apps ever so lucrative. With our team of dedicated and hardworking app developers, we are regarded as the most promising Android and iPhone App Development Company in USA. So, if mobile apps is what you need, ARKA is the name you should always trust.


  • Web Development and Design: Website designing and development is our major forte. Our expert coders and designers work day in and day out to create the most beautiful and interactive website for your firm. We have catered to clients from USA, UK, India, Australia, Dubai (UAE) and South Africa and have experience of doing more than 400 projects since our inception. With so much experience and expertise, we are your best option with MySQL and Asp.Net Software development in USA. Apart from that, we are also known for MVC Framework Development in USA and have earned a lot of accolades in this area.

Thus, with so many services on offer, we are one of the most comprehensive providers of IT Services and Solutions. With our reach growing stronger in the US, we strive to bring the best quality services to the firms and make their web and app related worries disappear into the thing air. So, if you’re looking for an Offshore App Development Company in USA, then going for ARKA Softwares will surely do the trick.



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