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Why Apple and not any other Smart Watch? Is it just another Apple Show-off? What are the features? And such kind of many more questions often comes in the mind of a consumer before purchasing an over expensive convenience. So be a smart shopper and explore full of this apple’s newest launch before spending 30,900/- which is its starting price only.

If you are thinking of picking up an apple watch, then I am sure you must be facing some doubts because I also had those but don’t worry here I am making your purchase a little bit easy by highlighting some of its features.

  • What makes this smart watch different from other brands??

If you are thinking that it is just a fashionable toy with the name Apple then I must say stop fooling yourself. Apple watch has a lot more to offer. It is a device that keeps track of all your activities. It reflects all your notifications and messages. And on top of all there is a large ecosystem of apps that makes it different from others.

  • A Smart Phone or A Smart Watch??

I am confidant enough that this question is definitely there in back of your mind that whether I should go for a Smart watch or a Smart phone. Well, dear reader Apple smart Watch is just another extension of your Smart phone. So why are you stopping yourself, just Buy it and get advantage of both the features from a beautifully constructed Watch.

  • Can you make Calls on this watch??

Yes, of course you can do this without putting many efforts. The Apple Smart Watch is equipped with a Bluetooth device that makes it suitable for receiving a call and you can indulge yourself in a conversation without having this watch near to your ear. Isn’t it funny to talk via a watch??

  • What is the use of Crown??

Smart Dial of the Watch and Apple calls it a Crown. The Crown is nothing but a touchscreen that allows you to navigate anywhere you want. A Crown can does almost everything from scrolling through a lot of things to reflecting the changes in the weather throughout a day.

  • Is this Watch Customizable??

There is no doubt in the customizability of this watch. I personally found this watch a right screen for many important things. It allows you to change almost everything from its screen face to notifications. When something important comes up, it gently tap your wrist and lights up when you lift your arm up.

  • Pricing in India

How much it would cost? This is the most obvious question that comes in mind. This watch comes in two sizes with three variants in each. Depending on the size its price differs.

Variants in 38mm size are:-

  1. Apple watch sport :- 30,900 /-
  2. Apple Watch :- 48,900 /-
  3. Apple Watch Edition :- 8,20,00 /-

Variants in 42mm size are:-

  1. Apple Watch Sport :- 34,900 /-
  2. Apple Watch :- 52,900 /-
  3. Apple Watch edition :- 9,90,00 /-

So the price totally depends upon your choice.

With all these features of Apple watch I want to make one thing clear that this is not a replacement of I-phone. Both have their own significance. But if you want to be up to date with technology then don’t give it a second thought and purchase it.

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