Web Development Company in USADNN or DotNetNuke is an interactive CMS developed for handling websites without using much technical knowledge. The platform allowed suers with limited technical know-how to handle their own websites using graphical interface and a host of features.

The framework is based on Microsoft .NET and developed by the DotNetNuke Corporation. The language used for initial development was VB.NET, but since the launch of Version 6.0, the language has been changed to C#.The framework was initially developed as an open source software and is available to the general public under a community license of the MIT. However, there are enterprise editions of the software which are used for commercial purposes.

Purpose solved by DNN:

Managing the backend of the website is one of the major tasks. While almost all firms use a website, not all of them are well versed with coding and can tweak the content and looks of the site. Thus, a major part of web application development is creating a viable content management system, which can provide the functionality of changing the theme of the site, adding or removing pages and adding new content by the use of third party apps or in-built options.

So, a web development company always makes sure to use the best and the most easy to use CMS for their clients as it makes the task of handling the website easier. In this regard, the CMS built using DNN is quite famous because of the following features of the framework:

  • Management of files using inbuilt features: File management is a big task and the CMS made using the framework has inherent features to immaculately handle and manage all files.
  • C# core: The core of the framework is written in C#. The language has been in use since version 6.0 right to the current stable release of version 7.3.3, released in Oct, 2014.
  • Mobile detection and mobile API: Device detection and API are important, given the increase in the number of mobile users. DNN allows for both and helps in seamless integration of mobile platform without much hassle.
  • Ready for Cloud: The CMS is ready to be used with a cloud network and function properly with it. This functionality makes it very versatile and capable of performing tasks over the network.
  • Security is quite vigorous: The robust features of security makes DNN one of the most secure platform to work with. A Website Development Company has to ensure data and content security and DNN gives them the perfect framework to work with when it comes to content management.
  • Content protection: The content can be protected using passwords and giving various degrees of access to various functionaries of a firm. The admin can ensure what powers are given to which user and maintain a solid decorum.
  • Rich text editor: The text editing options are rich and you can add many formatting effects when you use DNN. The editor is designed using robust mechanism and cater to almost all the formatting needs.
  • CSS 3, JQuery and HTML 5 web tools compatibility: All these tools are compatible with DNN and allow the coders to use them to the best of their advantage while designing the CMS. Also, their integration makes sure that the management of website content and design is easy.

Also, as per the latest version of DNN and information found from DNN Development Company, DNN needs Windows Server 2008 or 2012, the latest SQL Version compatible with either of the two, IIS 7+ and ASP.NET versions 2.0 and higher. Previous versions had compatibility for Windows Server 2005 as well as 2008, but these have been discontinued now.

With so much to offer, DNN forms a great tool for website management and if you’re looking for some effective ways to handle a website, then using DNN for your management system might be a good idea to look at.


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